Engagement | Femi & Lois

Man, I love these guys, I really do! Femi & Lois were such an awesome couple to work with. Their love for each other was apparent through the shoot and just knowing them personally. I am strong believer that God puts people together for a reason, I know he has a crazy plan for these two! Just wait and see!  Check out the images from their engagement shoot. Don't forget to like/share/comment. Thanks! -Your photographer, Greg.

I was able to snap this picture at the end of the shoot. I asked them to ignore me and have a casual conversation with each other. With those simple directions, I was able to capture these amazing shot. Their love is a true example of when a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing. 

Engagement | Stephen + Zainab

I was able to shoot Pastor Stephen's 26th Birthday Party. It was honored to help celebrate his birthday! But little did everyone know this wasn't a party for his birthday! He was going to propose! Best surprise ever! 


So the night was proceeding like a typical birthday party. Then Pastor Stephen calls everyone to be quiet as we all circle around. Everyone is thinking he was just thanking all of us to for coming and just give general announcements.

Engagement | Bruce + Rotoya

This power couple was so fun to shoot! I really love these guys! Bruce & Rotoya are passionate towards another and powerful in ministry together. From closer friends into couple then turned into marriage. I truly believe these guys are a perfect fit for one another. I was honored to document their engagement shoot & their wedding! Check out the wedding images here! Don't forget to like/share/comment. Thanks guys! really! lol - Your photographer, Greg.