Portrait | Oluomachi

Today, I photographed my friend, Oluomachi a.k.a Oly. She is a talented photographer and passionate about everything concerning media. My friend (Abnet) and I decided to practice shooting using only natural light. So, we set out to find some around Clipper Mill in Baltimore. We always wanted to shoot at this old, grungy parking garage that was in the area. Today was definitely a success, because the images turned out great! Check them out and don't forget to like/share/comment. Thanks - Your photographer, Greg

S/O to this guy, Abnet! We've always ended up doing random practice shoots for as long as we've been tight! (which I think is about four years now). He's in love with his craft, always trying out new techniques to add to his repertoire. This guy has been my second shooter for practical every wedding that I've shot! I learned a lot from him within these fours years. I realized he has a unique documentary style of photography and this has helped me alot. Bro you are too legit, I can't replace you! I'm definitely grateful to know him.