Engagement | Rob + Angela

Today's shoot was really touching to me. I photographed two of my closest friends, Rob & Angela. They are a playful, powerful, and passionate couple! Man, I knew Rob when he was waiting to asking Angela out! Now, I get to be apart of their engagement shoot! This is unreal! So, of course I put my heart into these images. I couldn't give them anything less! I love them dearly and can't wait until their wedding on October 18, 2014. Check out their website, Robangela.com and check their images below! Don't forget to like/share/comment. Thanks guys! -Your photographer, Greg 

I was able to support my friends at their Traditional! I didn't have any responsibilities as Rob's best man. So, I was available to document their Ghanaian Traditional Engagement! It was exciting, not my first Traditional Engagement, but I was extremely interested in learning about Ghanaian culture. The ceremony was beautiful and very intimate. Check out the images below! 

After their Traditional Engagement, We decided to do another impromptu shoot at Angela's house. Rob & Angela wanted to change the direction of their wedding website, so we need new images to complement the new idea. Luckily, her backyard had a wide open space with a backdrop of evergreen trees! I was so excited although I was pressed for time. I couldn't wait to get my ideas out! These are the images below!